A/B-Axis for Wire EDM. Fully Submersible, Tilting Tables

KEAT/KWAT trunnion style tilting tables are designed specifically for EDM Machining. Fully sealed, air purged, and impervious to EDM oil (KEAT), EDM water (KWAT) and debris; MMK tables are not only perfect for EDM operations, but are also capable of holding large, heavy workpieces. The internal structure of the table is isolated from the electricity and current collecting brushes helping to protect the unit. KEAT/KWAT series A/B-axis tables are designed for full or partial submersion and typically used in die sinker and hole-popper applications.

Optional Accessories

  • EDM Chuck
  • Tailstock
  • Small & compact
  • Multi-Port Rotary Joint
  • Independent CNC Controller


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Specifications KEATii150 KWAT250 MDEAT630
Table Diameter (mm) 105 254 1000
Table Height @ 0° (mm) 232 579 1150
Center Height @ 90° (mm) 140 245 605
Load Capacity (kg) 45 150 500
R. Axis Max. Speed (RPM) 5 6 5.5
Tilt Axis Max. Speed (RPM) 3 4 5.5
R. Axis Accuacy (arc sec) 14 14 12
Tilt Axis Accuacy (are sec) 20 60 60
R. Axis Repeatability (arc sec) ±2 ±2 ±2
Tilt Axis Repeatability (arc sec) ±2 ±2 ±3

* Other specifications and motors are also available.
** Custom rotary table design & build is our specialty. Contact us now for more info.


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