MDW-MDE Series

A/B-Axis, Fully Submersible EDM Indexers


  • Small compact footprint
  • Entirely sealed & air purges; IP68 class
  • Small & compact
  • Optional power chuck, tailstock, additional brushes for enhanced performance

MDW series single axis EDM rotary tables are designed specifically for EDM wire cut machining. Fully sealed, air purged, and impervious to water, oil and debris; MDW series indexers are protected from the EDM environment and can be mounted as either A-axis or B-axis. The table’s internal structure is completely isolated from the electric current and the unit is equipped with current-collecting brushes, help to effectively distribute electricity charge. Matsumoto MDW tables are constructed of stainless steel for full submersion under water or oil, and designed exclusively for wire EDM applications.


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Specifications MDHWi100L MDWi201 MDWi320 MDEi401
Table Diameter (mm) 95 200 320 400
Center Height @ 90° (mm) 65 140 180 235
Thru-Hole Diameter (mm) Optional Optional Optional Optional
Max. Speed (RPM) 16.6 11.1 8.4 11.1
Accuacy** (arc sec) ±20 ±6 ±6 ±6
Repeatability (arc sec) ±2 ±2 ±2 ±2
Load Capacity, Vert. (kg) 30 100 200 250
Load Capacity, Hoiz. (kg) 60 200 400 500


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