DEAT Series

Versatile, Compact Tilt Direct-Drive Rotary Tables


  • Sealed for submerging
  • Can be used for EDM & machining
  • Small & compact
  • High speed continuous spinning (5,000 RPM)
  • Stackable
  • Can be incorporated with other tables
  • Use on twin spindle machining center for multiple part run

Matsumoto DEAT models are incredibly quick, ultra-compact and low-maintenance. DEAT is best suited for precision machining of medical devices/components, electronic and optical components, and other types of micromachining. DEAT is also impervious to grinding dust and debris of all types. If your application is high-speed and high production intensive, then Matsumoto DEAT micro rotary tables are perfect for your application.


Embedded thumbnail for DEAT Series
Embedded thumbnail for DEAT Series


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