EDM Indexers & Tables

Benefits And Features

Fully sealed, air purges and impervious to EDM debris, oil or water; these tables are perfect for small EDM work spaces. The internal structure is isolated from the electric current and current collection brushes help to effectively distribute electricity charge. Matsumoto EDM tabes are constructed of stainless steel for full submersion under water or oil.

  • Compact Table Design
    Small footprint
    Vertical or horizontal positioning
  • Highly Accurate
    High capacity brush armature protects against current, bearings, motor and scale isolation. Indexing Accuracy 14 sec, Repeatability ±2 sec
  • Fully Submersible
    Made from stainless steel and aluminum, units are completely sealed, impervious to water or oil and EDM debris
  • Patented ‘OTT Worm And Wheel Gear’
    Co-developed with OTT GmbH. Outstanding Accuracy, Efficiency and Durability



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EDM Indexers & Tables


A/B-Axis for Wire EDM. Fully Submersible, Tilting Tables

MDW-MDE Series

A/B-Axis, Fully Submersible EDM Indexers

SB Series

Hollow Axis Rotary Wire EDM. True Five-Axis Cutting/Processing 360° Indexer Range, Titling Tables

SAT Series

Tilting EDM Rotary Tables. Fully Submersible, Multi-Axis Machining