Direct Drive

Benefits And Features

Matsumoto direct drive rotary unites are incredibly quick, precise, and low-maintenance. DD indexers are most widely used in grinding applications where precision and quickness are crucial. Additionally, DD tables can be sealed for grinding, making the unit impervious to grinding dust and debris. If your application is high-speed and high production intensive, then Matsumoto DD rotary tables are perfect for your application.

  • Compact Tilt Table Design
    Small footprint
    Vertical or horizontal positioning
  • Highly Accurate
    High capacity brush armature protects against current, bearings, motor and scale isolation. Indexing Accuracy 14 sec, Repeatability ±2 sec
  • Select Tables are Fully Submersible
    Made from stainless steel and aluminum, units are completely sealed, impervious to water or oil and EDM debris



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Direct Drive Tables

DD Series

Versatile, Single-Axis Direct-Drive Rotary Tables

DDQ Series

Direct Drive Qube, Micro Rotary Stages

DDAT Series

Heavy Duty, Direct Drive Trunnion Style Rotary Tables

DEAT Series

Versatile, Compact Tilt Direct-Drive Rotary Tables